From the Beginning…

Unmasking Living with Cancer during COVID

The chronological narrative for anyone who stumbles upon this blog and wishes to read from the beginning..

It’s Only A Cyst – November 10th 2020

Bi-RAD 5 on Friday the 13th: not your typical scary movie – November 13th 2020

The Biopsy – November 16th 2020

I will call him George – November 17th 2020

When Anxiety Strikes – November 17th 2020

My New Routine – November 18th 2020

Transgender Day of Remembrance: Cancer Confirmed – November 20th 2020

Its A COVID Thanksgiving with Cancer as a Side Dish – November 26th 2020

Landslide – November 28th 2020

Kiss of Peace: Remembering Lucy Rose – November 28th 2020

I Love Lindsey – December 1st 2020

I ain’t no Superwoman – December 2nd 2020

A Good News Day – December 3rd 2020

Discussing Cancer, Gender Identity and Expression – December 6th 2020

Last Night Waiting… – December 10th 2020

Finally, The Surgeon! And…A Plan! – December 11th 2020

A walk in the woods… – December 12th 2020

Scheduling Blues… – December 17th 2020

I thought I was done “coming out” – December 18th 2020

The President didn’t mention it… – December 20th 2020

We wish you a Covid-Free Christmas and a no Chemo New Year – December 24th 2020

Well, at least it’s not as bad as… – December 29th, 2020

No one mentioned green pee… – December 30th 2020

Time Constrictor – January 2nd 2021

Hello Anxiety, My Old Friend – January 5th 2021

COVID, Cancer, Congress and Coup…2020 is still alive in 2021?!? – January 7th 2021

The Cancer Goes to Cali – January 9th 2021

Stages of Grief Aren’t Linear – January 17th 2021

The Cancer Coaster Ride – January 24th 2021

No Chemo Dance Party – January 29th 2021

Radiation Haiku – February 5th 2021

Table Time – February 18th 2021

The Table vs My Body – March 7th 2021

Something Shifted – March 13th

Yup, that just happened – March 18th

For Whom the Bell Tolls Alone – March 25th

Radiation, the unwanted gift that keeps on giving – March 29th

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