“Jon, you were Outcast once. Why do you think that any of the gulls in your old time would listen to you now? You know the proverb, and it’s true:

The gull sees farthest who flies highest.

Those gulls where you came from are standing on the ground, squawking and fighting among themselves.”

“Sully, I must go back,” Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

excerpt from Jonathan Livingston Seagull: a story by Richard Bach (1970)

Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to help share out information as it becomes available to anyone who wishes to be kept up to date on just the quick and skinny facts…if you are really ambitious, click on the IDC link below to read more.

Diagnosis: Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (IDC)

PR + = Progesterone Receptor positive (is a good thing)

ER+ = Estrogen Receptor positive (is a good thing)

Size = 19 mm once removed

Margins are = Clear

Oncotype = 11 (is a good thing as it means no chemo!)

HER2- Conducted by FISH test non amplified (is a good thing)

Grade 2Moderately Differentiated is meh (not the best/not the worst)

Lymph nodes are = Negative (is a good thing)

Genetic Testing = Negative (is a good thing)

The time line to date:
  • Tuesday, November 3rd – On Election Tuesday, I felt the lump
  • Tuesday, November 10th – Mammogram/Ultrasound & Radiologist said “Cancer”
  • Friday, November 13th – Read Radiologist Report = BIRAD 5 (>95% malignant)
  • Monday, November 16th – Biopsy of Left Breast/Lymph node
  • Friday, November 20th – Transgender Day of Remembrance = confirmed cancer in left breast/lymph node inconclusive
  • Wednesday, December 2nd – Breast MRI
  • Friday, December 10th – Surgical Consultation
  • Saturday, December 26th – COVID Test (negative)
  • Wednesday, December 30th – Lumpectomy; and 3 nodes removed
  • Friday, January 8th – Genetic Testing Done
  • Friday, January 8th – Learned the nodes were NEG and the margins were clear!
  • Wednesday, January 13th – Met Dr. for Radiation Therapy. He’s funny; and he said four weeks should be enough for me.
  • Thursday, January 28th – Initial Consultation with Occupational Therapy. To learn exercises that counter lymphedema; and to be fitted for a compression sleeve to wear daily to prevent/reduce lymphedema
  • Friday, January 29th – Initial Medical Oncology appointment to discuss ONCO score and complete treatment plan details.

Treatment Plan Details To Date

Radiation Planning Phase= rescheduled to Friday, February 5th

Radiation Therapy = To begin middle of February

Hormone Therapy = To begin after radiation therapy ends.

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