Radiation, the unwanted gift that keeps on giving!

March 29th 2021 Last week was hell. Seriously, physical and emotional hell. Both my radiation oncologist and my occupational therapist reminded me that the one to two weeks after the last radiation treatment to expect increase in symptoms related to the body processing the treatment regimen. And they were not kidding! The cumulative impact onContinue reading “Radiation, the unwanted gift that keeps on giving!”

Table Time

February 18, 2021 The irony of the moment was not lost on me. I had the “short gown” on to cover my upper torso since I had to strip from the waste up for breast cancer radiation treatment. Of course, its the kind of “gown” that ties at the waste on the side and doesn’tContinue reading “Table Time”

Stages of Grief Aren’t Linear

January 17th 2021 On January 13th, after the zoom meeting ended with the good doctor talking with me about my upcoming radiation therapy, I found myself feeling angry… #FuckCancer! I looked at my wife and said, “I am angry; and I am okay being angry today. I do not want to do this and IContinue reading “Stages of Grief Aren’t Linear”

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